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Our technologies has been in development for close to 16 years now for various government agencies.

When our CTO, Chief Threat Officer, Mike Freeman left the government research side and went to the private sector he saw the absolute need for actionable intelligence.  All the tools and techniques that he had been using on the government side weren't available to companies.  While helping CDC, along with a large hospital group designing some technologies, the hospital itself came under a sustained attack. The threat actor was using poorly coded exploits and was taking down very critical medical systems, some of which just two years earlier was critical for the support for this wife and child. Seeing these systems being taken down and impacting pediatric essential systems of care, intensive care units, and patients being delayed getting onto electrocardiogram.

After helping to mitigate and contain the attack, he realized that if the hospital had the intelligence of the technologies he created for the government that these systems would not have been impacted. So, this left Mike obsessed with bringing this technology to the private sector. Then for the next five years, he redesigned these technologies so that they can work in large companies.  When we started to provide the intelligence to a Fortune 100 company, we realized this intelligence allowed us to be proactive in preventing numerous breaches a year and during that time helped save one of the largest defense contractors in the world.

Less time in Breaches, more time on Beaches™