Flash Alert Security Threat

Flash Alert Security Threat



Actionable intelligence

These are quality, timely alerts to your inbox that will help with detections, mitigations and checking if you are vulnerable.

Quality, timely alerts to your inbox

When we know, we want you to know, FAST. An alert could be sent out for several reasons:

New urgent threats we are seeing

A dramatic increase in the use of the threat

Some old threats that are in circulation again, that people never patched the first time

Patches that prevent the threat

And TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures)

Flash Alert Security Threat
Flash Alert Security Threat

How it works

Where possible FAST Alerts should contain:

The level of the alert, informational, high, critical, and nuclear

How to determine if you are vulnerable

How to mitigate the threat if it is known

What a detection could look like

Sometimes, the TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures) are given

Flash alerts come from These are DKIM signed, so if they are not signed, then please move them to spam. Today, flash alerts come only from email. In the future, you will configure the Portal to send these alerts via - email, Slack, Team, Jira, and Webhooks.

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