For the whole of your security operations teams. Knowing what Vulnerability or TTP threat actors are exploiting puts you in the driver's seat on what to focus on and which countermeasures you need to deploy, be it: patches, workarounds, WAF rules, EDR rule updates, detections, and mitigations. Knowing is half the battle!
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CVE Early Warning List              
Latest Threat Actor TTP Rules
Lookup Explanation for Genuine IP Threats

CEWL (CVE Early Warning List) is the list of CVEs that threat actors are currently using or imminently about to use. With CVE threat intelligence CTCI see 10x more than any other threat intelligence company in the world, and our intelligence is timely, with many of our CVEs added on the day of the CVE release. We answer one of the most challenging questions, is this CVE something I should prioritize?

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LiFT your security operations detections with the latest threat actor TTP Rules. Use these detections to detect or stop your organization from these unwanted attacks.

We have Sigma, Yara, WAF Rules, and various IOCs that can be leveraged in multiple security tools. These rules are optimized to reduce the computing need in tools like Splunk, DEVO, Elastic Search, and other SIEM tools.

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It is expected as a business owner on the web to seek to investigate an IP address and verify if it is safe to interact with your system or not. The problem is that most IOC threat feeds are full of false positives. And don't provide historical context. LEGIT's purpose is to provide a historical timeline and search history that lists an IP address and its number of attacks.

Malicious history of IP Addresses from 400+ lists over seven years and it's free to use!

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Better Outcomes Across The Organization



Vulnerability Management
Cyber Detections
SOC Team
Threat Hunting


Strategy / Architecture / Audit
Security Engineering
Cyber Threat Intel


High Value Outcomes
Proactive Better Than Reactive
Trusted Advisor
GRC – Supply Chain
Regulatory Requirements

CTCI versus Our Competitors

We apply the intelligence lifecycle to answer what vulnerabilities or TTP are being exploited in the wild or about to be used by threat actors soon.
We use deception technologies, ML-driven intelligence collections and analysis, deep computer science, and analytical models to answer those questions.


No Threat Determination
Analyst Does All The Work
No Validation Checking
Limited Correlation of Data Sources
No Conversational Understanding
Limited Honeypots
Mentioned (regex)

Low Accuracy, High Noise



Threat Determination
POC Detection / Validation
Correlate With Other Data Sources
Determine The Conversation Outcome
Threat Actor Conversation
Is This An Exploit Conversation?
NLP Based Threat Collection

Highly Focused, High Fidelity


"When we received advanced notification of a vulnerability that threat actors were working on leveraging, we acted quickly and were able to remediate the vulnerabilities five days before the threat actors attempted to use this vulnerability. We would not have been able to do it without the advanced notification from CTCI."
American multinational aerospace and defense conglomerate
We focus on this list because it reduces the need to read 1,000s of articles. And helps us prioritize what we need to focus on.
CISO of a SAAS Provider
Before CEWL we were overwhelmed, and we only focused on Critical alerts. Before CEWL we were overwhelmed, and we only focused on Critical alerts.
VP of Security for a large bank
We had 2 weeks notice for an on-premise Exchange vulnerability that was attempted later. And we were able to get in front of the attack before it happened.
CISO of a Bank in Australia
CEWL allows us to focus on 1-2 CVE entries a day compared to 200-500 new vulnerabilities released daily. By prioritizing based upon facts instead of prediction.
Critical Infrastructure Company
Knowing Is Half the Battle
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