Analyst Spotlight | How to Identify and Prioritize Your Attack Surface

July 14, 2022

The Webinar linked is below:

Recorded Future and our Chief Threat Officer, Michael Freeman, presented why having the best vulnerability intelligence with Attack Surface Management (ASM) products makes a huge difference to your security posture.

Scott Donnelly, Vice President of Attack Surface Solution Sales at Recorded Future, does a great job. I could listen to him all day. He sets the scene and takes you through why Attack Surface Management is fundamental to prevent against breaches. He shows an excellent example where 10s of thousands of companies went through over Christmas, 2021, the Log4Shell Attack. Most companies didn't know what they had and where they were vulnerable. ASM would have helped. CTCI had intelligence on this vulnerability before we saw the attacks in the wild. And added it to our CEWL - CVE Early Warning List on the day this CVE was published. Not to mention CTCI provided IOCs, recommendations, threat intelligence, and such with over 40 posts on LinkedIn.

Michael Freeman, Chief Threat Officer, covers some of the special sauce on how CTCI Vulnerability Intelligence of what threat actors are exploiting and landing in the wild is state of the art. He takes us through the intelligence process of how our honeypots and honey clients work. How we get and analyze intelligence sources using our cognitive reasoning model, OODA loops of threat actors (basically, so close to the threat actors we can hear them breathing :) ), and our advanced Research is used to give you the best vulnerability intelligence. Also, Michael shows how this information (honeypot CVEs only) is shown within the Recorded Future Security Trails product and Recorded Future's Vulnerability Intelligence Module.

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