Game Changer Follow Up

May 12, 2022

Digital Anarchist Second Interview

Intelligence that matters.

Mike Freeman, again here!

Use our intelligence, get a promotion!

In this interview, we go more into details of our customers' outcomes using our intelligence. As we were refining our technology, we developed a process to identify what technology stack our customers are using to provide more actionable intelligence for each customer. We identified a particular exploit that our Defense Contractor customer was exposed to the first time we did this. We were able to alert them to act upon this intelligence. When our contact was able to take charge of this intel, he was able to provide additional mitigations to his environment. We later heard that by acting upon our intelligence, he later won a promotion.

Another Great Interview

Another great interview, we were fortunate to be interviewed by Alan Shimel again last week. In this interview, to talk about how customers acting on our intelligence has lead to Use our intelligence, get a promotion! In this interview, we go more into details of our customers' outcomes using our effective and actionable intelligence. We move you your vulnerability management maturity of level 1 in analysis to level 5 optimizing, effectively and on day one.

Company Information

When we left the government research side and went to the private sector—we have seen the absolute need to have actionable intelligence. We were helping the CDC, along with a large hospital group designing some technologies, when the hospital itself came under a sustained attack. The threat actor was using poorly coded exploits and was taking down very critical medical systems, some of which just two years earlier were critical for the support of one of the co-founder’s wife and child. Seeing these systems being taken down and impacting pediatric essential systems of care, intensive care units, and patients being delayed getting onto electrocardiogram.

After helping to mitigate and contain the attack, we realized that if the hospital had our CTCI CEWL intelligence these critical care systems would not have been impacted. So, this left me obsessed with bringing this technology to the private sector. We spent the next five years redesigning several of them to bring to the market. When we started to provide the intelligence to a Fortune 100 company, we realized this intelligence allowed us to be proactive in preventing on average 35 breaches a year from determined threat actors and has been successfully used with small companies to the largest defense contractor in the world.

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