Interview with Alan Shimel

May 12, 2022


Real Actionable Intelligence.

Hi! I am Mike Freeman, the CTO, Chief Threat Office at CTCI. Now that we have come out of stealth mode. We had the fantastic opportunity to be interviewed by the legendary Alan Shimel, Founder, CEO & Editor-in-chief of MediaOps, the company behind, Container Journal, Security Boulevard, and Digital Anarchist, as well as co-founder of the DevOps Institute.

Media Launch

Alan invited us to Florida to be interviewed for TechStrong TV. In this fast-paced unrehearsed interview with Alan, we talk about the journey of CTCI what it has taken to push cyber threat intelligence to new levels.


To learn more about our history, our technology, and how we deliver effective and actionable intelligence. Watch this interview with Alan, Andrew, and myself.


CTCI Interview of Founders

Stay Tuned

We have another great video with Alan coming soon.

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