Lookup Explanation for Genuine IP Threats


                    Malicious history of IP Addresses from 400+ lists over seven years and it's free to use!

A LEGIT ™ way to investigate IP threats

Have you ever been in an incident and want to find the malicious history of an IP Address to see if it is worth investigating? This issue is the primary reason we created LEGiT ™.

How LEGIT ™ works

We gather historical IOC data from hundreds of curated and verified intelligence sources on IP reputation. This data has proven critical in incidents where the investigation was going back through logs for years.

To use LEGIT ™ over the web, it is free!

An incident responder can search for an IP Address and see the history of an IP Address across nearly 400 different lists with some lists up to seven years. This search can be handy in an investigation to see if an IP Address during the time of the incident is important or not.​ The results of the LEGiT search contain the malicious activity history of the IP Address across the 400+ lists.
Knowing Is Half the Battle
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