Better Outcomes from using our Products

Operational Benefits

Vulnerability Management

Improve your security posture by patching your most critical assets from the CEWL™ list.

Cyber Detections

Prioritizing which detections/deceptions to create or modify, or which detections will catch this threat.

SOC Team

Threat awareness and monitoring for these exploits on critical assets as well as using Legit™ during investigation or enrichment.

Threat Hunting

Review logs to see if the environment has already been compromised by these exploits.

Strategic Benefits

Strategy / Architecture / Audit

Determine effectiveness of current security controls and current security products with respect to these  threats. Our data becomes a wealth of knowledge of what threat actors are doing and how.

Security Engineering

Determine from CEWL™ and FAST™ what product configuration could prevent / eliminate / detect / redirect this threat. Also, investigate new products if there is a gap.

Cyber Threat Intel

Help the organization move to an Intelligence-Driven organization. These types of organizations have been found to be more effective and less compromised. Using CTCI knowledge will help determine threat actors, possible action on objectives, etc.

Organizational Benefits

High Value Outcomes

Improve your security posture by patching your most critical assets from the CEWL™ list.

Proactive, not Reactive

Be able to plan and change instead of react and break, as well as determining what really is critical.

Trusted Advisor

CEWL™ and FAST™ give more credibility to the decisions made, can help with possible internal Turf Wars.

GRC – Supply Chain

Ensuring your Suppliers, Vendors and Partners are using CEWL™ to reduce your 3rd party risk.


Meet upcoming regulatory requirements.

Knowing Is Half the Battle
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